Where should we have drawn the line?

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Sat Jun 17 10:39:12 EST 2000

In article <394AD4EC.FFE26694 at daviesand.com>, karl at daviesand.com writes: 

> Duh, Harry your brain is dead.  The publications ceased because people don't
> like clearcuts, especially on their (USFS) land.  It's THEIR land, not YOUR
> land.  Neither you, nor the USFS, nor the timber industry owns the national
> forests.  The citizens of the United States own the national forests.  You
> may disagree with me here, but the US is still a constitutional republic,
> not a corporate fascist state...at least on paper anyway.

And of course, when you don't like something the first thing you do is 
make sure nobody can oppose your opinion.  There are worse things in this 
world than fascists.  A mob springs immediately to mind.

Public opinion is a fickle beast.  If you take the management of forests 
away from foresters you place it in the hands of ignorance.  The first 
public emergency, that same preservationist general public will be 
howling for you to bulldoze the forests.

The current system is NO BETTER than the Reagan overcut.  It is still the 
total abandonment of responsibility on the part of the landowner, i.e. 
the US Government.

-- Larry

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