Where should we have drawn the line?

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Larry Caldwell <larryc at teleport.com> wrote in message
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> Public opinion is a fickle beast.  If you take the management of forests
> away from foresters you place it in the hands of ignorance.  The first
> public emergency, that same preservationist general public will be
> howling for you to bulldoze the forests.
> The current system is NO BETTER than the Reagan overcut.  It is still the
> total abandonment of responsibility on the part of the landowner, i.e.
> the US Government.
> -- Larry

Well-meaning, Larry but, that 5.5 million board foot thinning sale I worked
on last year is the total opposite of the overstory removal prescription
that was so prevalent in the Reagan years. I feel that today's forestry
requires the timbermarker (who ultimately is responsible for the yields of
our National Forests) to use an artist's perception of how the forest will
look after the work is completed. Along with directly applying science to
the forest to every 30x30 foot piece of ground, a timbermarker needs to know
plenty about how logging equipment and personnel will deal with
on-the-ground problems set before them.

Back in the Reagan era, all a timbermarker was required to do was mark the
big ones, open it up for the little ones, then come back when the little
ones were big enough.

Larry, your last sentence really sums it up, though. The more we slip into
inactivity, the worse our forest eco-systems will become. "Mother Nature"
will most-suredly correct the current unhealthy conditions in our western
forests, mostly in ways that humans won't like.


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