Browner, and EPA

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4d rules were issued for the NSO in Calif, Ore., & Wa. in 1996. After
splitting off the California Spotted Owl due to its over abundance, it is
now being repetitioned w/ the FWS for listing. This 4d rule by NMFS is a
major power grab and consolidation in the attack on forestry here in the
west. NMFS (staff members) has some pretty cozy connections to regional
environmental groups, on the North Coast of California, at least. The EPA is
trying get forestry classed an point source pollution and thereby subject to
the CWA. and by extension WDR's.

Along the Klamath River, NMFS floated a trial balloon (typically
Clintonesque) that would require any activity within 300' of a stream to be
subject to permit. They were so onerous that one local timber company
abandoned their HCP process: in effect said "screw it, trying to satisfy
these folks is impossible." No matter what compromise you offer, they always
come back wanting more.

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>A recent comment from a reader in Oregon.
>I read your Browner article posted in newsgroups.  No wonder the EPA is
>a mess.  I am a logging consultant out on the Oregon coast.  In the last
>months, I have become politically active at a state level.  The EPA gave
>National Marine Fisheries Services the authority to implement the 4(d)
>regarding water quality.  What I understand, is that the Pacific
>Northwest is
>the first region, where rules of this nature will be implemented.  I
>know if you have heard much about the salmon issue out here, but these
>go so far as to say they have the power to control our thermostats, tell
>how far we will drive and whether or not we will raise a backyard
>There is a section in the rules describing how our wells will be
>metered, and
>I can only assume that metering means an allotment per month.  This is
>they intend to control whether we raise livestock, plant gardens, etc.
>legislators believed if they wrote a state plan, NMFS would not come in.
>They were wrong.  These plans are to be implemented June 19.  I am going
>the state capital on Monday with many others to urge our legislators to
>the federal government back.  I know that the EPA plans to implement
>rules on
>water quality in other states.  Read these rules if you haven't already,
>check out the third party lawsuits.  I sent the Browner piece out to my
>with the message to pass it on.  Thanks.  It is bringing in quite a

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