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Sun Jun 18 19:09:28 EST 2000

Dear humane websurfers,

        For some decades, we have been trying, five of us, to devote helping
people in trouble.
        Given that Life is a struggle for most of us, the problems of our
old Earth, the lack of informations of people at a loss and in order to be
efficient, we decided, in August 1998, to set up and publish our actions
through the creation of A.D.H. ( Action Dignité Humaine = Human Dignity
Action ), a humane association free of politic and religion ideas ( French
Law 1st July 1901 ).
A.D.H, a non profit making organization, has for main purpose, in France and
all over the world, to :
    - Struggle against any kind of Exclusion
    - Defence and recovering of Human Dignity
    - Improvement of Life Quality.
        We are against the idea of a " difference " between Humans. We are
willing to be useful for the Quality of Life, for the Dignity of Humans as
well as for the safety of our Planet.

To carry out our mission, it is essential to extend the
communications. So, we are convinced that the A.D.H website we are setting
up on Internet will grow the struggle on the field against Exclusion and
will make everybody's life more convivial. We think a good way to struggle
against Exclusion is teaching people how to know one another, that is why we
give such a broad place for informations to know people and their countries
in chapter "The World and More". These pages, which develop subjects as
cultures, architectures, education (teaching), cartography, weather,
aviation, space and astronomy, will allow those unable to move, to travel
and improve their knowledge, and more : never to be alone.
        In order that each person can live in dignity, we have presented
chapters, in nearly 600 pages ( they offers about 12.000 URL ), wich
represent our struggles. They tell you
our thoughts about different subjects and give you informations so
addresses. Thus chapter "The Humane World" tell you about human dignity,
poverty, hunger in the world, exclusion, peace, problems due to drug and
alcool, durable development, population, children and Huaman Rights. It also
present you the other associations and public organisms which work on this
subject. To strengthen inquiries, chapter "The Juridical World" inform you
about Laws of each country.
        Diseases are also injuries against human dignity and they often lead
to exclusion ; so we have consecrated a voluminous chapter to "The World of
Health" and another so vast to "The World of Disability" and accessibility
        Whole families are very often under social exclusion due
to lack of resource, that's why we have consecrated a chapter to "The World
of Employment". This one brings you numerous addresses, legal informations,
astutenesses about learning and diplomas, aids and allow you to show your
curriculum vitae. Think to everyone who can't no more inquire about
solutions. Help them to take a new start in life by transmitting these
informations and advising for the best use.
        Up to now we have just talk about persons but it's also essential
for their future to preserve their environment. In chapter "Life
Surroundings", we talk about nature, its demonstrations of strength and
generosity as earthquaques, volcanoes, oceans, flora and fauna. The Earth
allows us to live by giving all we need and more, but, more often, we are
ungratefull children who give nothing as an offset. Each day, our egoism
destroys her more and more, the reality is that we destroys us ourself by
killing our ways to the future. In this chapter, we have therefore improved
subjects like studies about biology, environment, ecology, durable
development, urbanism ( planning ), construction and domotique.
        The chapter "Acting Positivly" shows you some actions in progress in
which you can take part, informations and reports of completed opérations.
        The chapter "Useful Informations" supplies you with addresses of
annuaries, coordinates of médias, more than 200 search engines on the web,
scientifics and other informations , basic datas, some useful informations
and addresses about data processing, varied knacks and astutenesses.

        It is vital for everybody to be able to listen to, to try to
understand the other. All over the world, the inhabitants have had to adapt
to remain alive which gave birth to different cultures and way of thinking.
There is in fact no difference, only adapted techniques of life.
        We can work in many ways, a chapter gives a brief description of
A.D.H capacities.
        We hope to work on a worldwide basis. The more numerous, the more
efficient we will be for important actions for the wellfare of everybody. To
become rapidly efficient, A.D.H needs your support, so we do hope you will
join us soon, many of you.
        We wish you a living with Dignity in Peace !

Jean-Marie Lequenne
President of Association A.D.H. ( Action Dignité Humaine - Human Dignity
Action )
"Mon pays est le monde, et ma religion est de faire le bien"
"My land is the world, and my religion is to do the well"
                                                      Thomas Paine
"Il est bien plus beau de savoir quelque chose de tout que de
savoir tout d'une chose ; cette universalité est la plus belle."
"It is more beautiful to know something of everything than to
know everithing of a single thing ; this universality is the nicest."
                                                       Blaise Pascal

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