Appeal Filed to Protect Lewis & Clark Historic Roadless Lands

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Subject: Appeal Filed to Protect Lewis & Clark Historic Roadless Lands  

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - June 21, 2000

Appeal Filed to Protect Lewis & Clark Historic Roadless Lands  

The Ecology Center, the Idaho Conservation League, Friends of the
Clearwater, and the Land and Water Fund filed an appeal against the proposed
75 million board feet North Lochsa timber sale in the Clearwater National
Forest.  The project area includes the only remaining roadless section along
the entire Lewis and Clark Trail.  The project includes a 1,000 acre
clearcut in the proposed Lewis and Clark Wilderness and authorizes a
motorized trail in the proposed Fish Creek wilderness area, contrary to a
1993 Settlement Agreement with conservation groups banning motorized use in
sensitive wildlife habitat.  Fish Creek is one of the most important wild
steelhead streams left in the entire Columbia River Basin.  Additionally,
the project would cut mature and late mature forests even though the
Clearwater Forest is already below the 10% old growth minimum required by
the Forest Plan. 

. . . The Forest Service justifies the project in the name of ‘forest
health', however, the project violates the Clean Water Act, the National
Forest Management Act, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the National
Environmental Policy Act and should be stopped.  For more information
contact: Larry McLaud at the Idaho Conservation League, phone: 208-822-1010,
mailto:lmclaud at

Tune In to Radio Show Contesting Logging on National Forests:  The
nationally syndicated radio program "Making Contact" will make the case
against logging on national forests this week.  The program will feature
speakers from the John Muir Project, the National Forest Protection
Alliance, the Religious Campaign for Forest Conservation, American Lands,
and more.  To find out when the show is airing in your area visit and click on "broadcast schedule."  You can also
download the program directly from the above website starting Wednesday. 
Nader Says Commercial Logging is a "National Disgrace:"   In a June 8 press
release, Green Party Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader lambasted commercial
logging on National Forests.  Nader argued that "America's taxpayers are
being forced to spend $1.2 billion annually in handouts to timber
corporations so they can deforest our forests."  According to Nader,
subsidized logging on our public lands has not only caused devastating
environmental impacts but has "resulted in 40 million acres of
taxpayer-financed clearcuts and over 400,000 miles of taxpayer financed
logging roads – eight times the length of the interstate highway system."
The release accused timber corporations of "profit-taking" and big business
in general of increasingly dominating "our political process in state
legislatures and the Congress." 

Forest Service Biologist Demoted for Doing Her Job:  Umpqua National Forest
wildlife biologist Cindy Barkhurst was removed from her position as
endangered species team leader when a federal judge stopped the timber sales
that Barkhurst's scientific team showed violated the Northwest Forest Plan
and the Endangered Species Act.  Barkhurst was "rotated off" the scientific
team over a year ago, after the Forest Service lost the first of two
lawsuits where the judge relied upon the team's findings.  Forest Service
Employees for Environmental Ethics is spearheading a letter writing campaign
to Vice President Al Gore urging him to restore Barkhurst to her team leader
position.  For more information call 541-484-2692 or see the FSEEE webpage

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