survival after fire

Kevin exec at
Fri Jun 23 12:47:10 EST 2000

I am not sure this is an appropriate place to post this question but I'm looking for some advise.  A fire swept through about 15 acrres of poplar forest near our home.  Many of the smaller trees (less than 4 inches diameter) were burned to the point where they have become brittle.  They did not leaf out.  Larger trees (many 12-24 inches in diameter) were also burned all the way around but leaves did form at the tops.  The fire was only 1 week or 2 before they leafed out.  The larger trees are blackened to several feet above the ground, sometimes with exposed roots being burned as well.  

Can anyone tell me what the prognosis for survival is for these trees?  I have been told that the larger ones may live another couple of years but will die after using up stored resources.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Flaherty
Edmonton, Alberta
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