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>From The Oregonian, Friday, June 2, 2000 p C7
>Showdown looms between Forest Service, protesters
>COMMENT BY POSTER: I don't know which "side" I'm more against or for.
>The sale is probably a good one. But it has vastly more timber offered
>than should be taken off considering the slope.

What about the soil characteristics for this area. Isn't that the limiting
factor in geomorphic processes?
Tell me about the soil there, and whether you've had first hand contact with
this soil?

>OTOH, the
>"environmentalists" are represented as wanting no logging, something
>which may be as detrimental to forest health here or anywhere as bad a
>solution as clear-cutting. In the history of the Eagle Creek sale, it
>should be noted that until the proposed sale came in at well over twice
>as much harvest as was initially suggested, there was no protest. So
>who's zoomin' who?

Prove that.
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>Before you buy.

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