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> >From The Oregonian, Friday, June 2, 2000 p C7
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> >Showdown looms between Forest Service, protesters
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> >COMMENT BY POSTER: I don't know which "side" I'm more against or for.
> >The sale is probably a good one. But it has vastly more timber offered
> >than should be taken off considering the slope.
> What about the soil characteristics for this area. Isn't that the limiting
> factor in geomorphic processes?
> Tell me about the soil there, and whether you've had first hand contact with
> this soil?
> >OTOH, the
> >"environmentalists" are represented as wanting no logging, something
> >which may be as detrimental to forest health here or anywhere as bad a
> >solution as clear-cutting. In the history of the Eagle Creek sale, it
> >should be noted that until the proposed sale came in at well over twice
> >as much harvest as was initially suggested, there was no protest. So
> >who's zoomin' who?
> Prove that.
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> >Daniel B. Wheeler
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> >Before you buy.

Hey, Hubcap, your comments are irrelevant until you tell us who you are and who
you work for. Don't be a sissy, fess up.

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