heavy lift helicopters

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Wed Jun 28 16:58:39 EST 2000

I'm beginning to look into the prospects of using a helicopter such as
the Skycrane S-64 or Chinook (B-234) for Fall work in a low elevation
riparian area in the pacific northwest. I've worked with smaller
machines but these operate on a different scale.  Has anyone particular
experience using these big boys?  Actual costs/MBF or weight - booking
difficulties - safety concerns - extras that crop up ...  I'm interested
in any tales.

 The project may be considered helicopter logging in reverse.  The
scenario so far calls for us to purchase timber, transport it to the
landing, then fly it back to be set in place in a side channel which has
lost its large embedded wood due to past management practices.  This is
a Tribal salmon habitat restoration effort which will (among many other
goals) be demonstrating alternatives to roading and heavy equipment use
inside protected riparian forests.
Mike H

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