heavy lift helicopters

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Thu Jun 29 00:32:52 EST 2000

In article <395A750F.D913C2F at olympus.net>, mhagen at olympus.net writes: 
> I'm beginning to look into the prospects of using a helicopter such as
> the Skycrane S-64 or Chinook (B-234) for Fall work in a low elevation
> riparian area in the pacific northwest. I've worked with smaller
> machines but these operate on a different scale.  Has anyone particular
> experience using these big boys?  Actual costs/MBF or weight - booking
> difficulties - safety concerns - extras that crop up ...  I'm interested
> in any tales.

I used to work for Evergreen Helicopters, though not as part of their 
logging operation.  All I got was gossip, including the story of the 
pilot who got up to take a leak while the rotors were turning. A gust of 
wind tipped the Skycrane into a fuel truck.  After the fire was out they 
shovelled what was left of the Sikorsky into the back of a pickup truck.

Cost/MBF depends on how close the landing is.  The farther the flight the 
faster the price goes up.  You will need multiple rigging crews, and it's 
probably a good idea to distribute the logs as close to their final 
position on the stream bank as possible.  

Booking is your problem.  There aren't many of the big helicopters 

-- Larry

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