heavy lift helicopters

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Thu Jun 29 12:39:03 EST 2000

> So, after industry screws up such a place, while making a tidy profit- the
> public and/or private landowner now has to spend a lot of money to fix it.
> Meanwhile, the evil doers will be somewhere else doing the same thing.
Thanks guys, booking does seem to be a problem.

Actually, the damage in this spot was shared equally by irrigators,
small landowners and the Dept. of Fisheries.  There was a policy
throughout the 50's and 60's to remove all the large logs from the
rivers. Thought it helped the fish get upstream and the let the floods
out faster.  Now we consider embedded wood and healthy forests to be
among the key elements of a stable river system.

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