LANDSCOPE: Forest Service Plans Threaten Colorado Roadless Areas

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Subject: LANDSCOPE: Forest Service Plans Threaten Colorado Roadless  Areas

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - June 29, 2000

Forest Service Plans Threaten Colorado Roadless Areas

While the Forest Service holds meetings this month to take public comment on
the President's initiative to protect roadless areas, the agency in Colorado
is firing up the bulldozers and chainsaws to destroy some of these same
places, says a coalition of conservationists.  The Forest Service recently
approved the logging of one roadless area on the Routt National Forest, and
has proposals under development to log, build roads, or drill in at least
three others.

. . . The Forest Service's logging and petroleum drilling proposals
illustrate the shortcomings of the President's initiative.  "The Forest
Service told us that they'd heard the public and that they'd stay out of the
roadless area," said Rocky Smith of Colorado Wild.  "Now, when they think
they can make a few dollars off the wood, they're going to destroy the
natural values of this pristine place."  The final policy should be
strengthened to protect these areas from logging and other developments.

Professional Bowhunters Society Calls for ORV Restrictions:  The
Professional Bowhunters Society, one of the largest bowhunting/conservation
group in North America, recently called for limiting ORV use to designated
roads and trails.  Under the Society's new position, ORV travel with a bow
is prohibited unless the weapon is unstrung or fully encased. The move was
prompted by the proliferation of ORV use, their growing environmental
impacts, and the threat posed by ORVs to the rules of fair chase.  The
Society believes that the use of ORVs for hunting "contributes to tarnishing
the reputations of serious bowhunters who strive to hunt with the highest
ethical standards while 'doing it the hard way.'"  For more information: 

Off-Road Advertisements Criticized:  TV and magazine ads glorifying
irresponsible off-road vehicle use are drawing fire from conservationists as
well as off-road manufacturers, reports the AP (May 30, 2000).  "The ads
send a message that you can go out there and do your own thing," said Pam
Eaton of the Wilderness Society.  Even off-road vehicle organizations object
to some of the ads.   "Most sport utility vehicles never go off the road,
but these macho ads get people salivating," said Jack Welch of the Blue
Ribbon Coalition.   "People who see the ads don't know you're damaging the
environment when you drive in a waterway."  Welch said he and members of
other motorized groups have been in contact with the Ford motor Company
about their ads that say the vehicles go anywhere.  Vera Smith of the
Colorado Mountain Club is urging consumers to do the same.  "People should
give feedback to the advertisers  and the special-use magazine about it,"
she said.  

Bill Introduced to Allow Snowmobile Use in All National Parks:  Rep. Barbara
Cubin (R-WY) has introduced legislation (H.R. 4560) to allow the use of
snowmobiles in all National Parks.  This action follows the National Park
Service's decision in April to begin strictly enforcing its regulations
regarding snowmobiles, resulting in a ban on recreational snowmobiling in
most Parks.  The NPS felt the action was required by law to protect the
Parks' scenery, natural resources, wildlife, air quality, and natural quiet.
Rep. Cubin's bill would authorize snowmobile activity in hundreds of new
parks, causing damage to some of the nation's most hallowed sites such as
Gettysburg, and would overturn decades-old snowmobile prohibitions at parks
such as Glacier (MT) and Yosemite (CA).  For more information:  Sean Smith,
Bluewater Network: 415/788-3666; mailto:seansmith at 

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