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Frank Reilly freilly at
Wed Mar 1 11:11:32 EST 2000

Dredging is a hot topic today.  There is more "New Work" dredging, dredging for
environmental remediation, and maintenance dredging than ever before.  New
equipment is being tried out that may allow dredging to occur with little or no
release of suspended sediment during the dredging process.

Jim Hogan wrote:

> We need ideas for a new TV series called EXTREME ENGINEERING that we are
> developing for Discovery channel. Some material being considering includes:
> .
> Virtual Design
> Robotics
> Bio Engineering
> Forensic Engineering
> Mega cruise  ship design
> Pyrotechnics/precision blasting
> GPS navigation
> Fuel cell/fast breeder reactor design.
> Alternative energy.
> Genetic engineering
> Interactive television/wireless internet
> Waste disposal & recycling
> .
> Any other ideas??????
> .
> Please reply to Jim with your thoughts and/or websites you would recommend.

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