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Subject:	Calendar of Upcoming Events

March 9 		Call-In Day in Support of ORV Petition

	Please call Chief Michael Dombeck at 202/205-1661 or fax 205-1765 and urge
him to support the ORV rule making petition.

March 9		Procession to the White House to Save Salmon

	American Rivers, Save our Wild Salmon and others are hosting a press
conference and procession to the White House to deliver over 100,000
comments in support of removing four Snake River dams.  For more
information, contact Dave Wise at 202/347-7550 ext. 3003 or
mailto:dwise at

March 13-17	Senate Recess/District Meetings

	This recess offers activists an excellent opportunity for district meetings
with their Senators to discuss roadless areas and county payments.  Please
urge your Senators to oppose any riders to stop the roadless policy and to
oppose the Wyden/Craig county payments bill S. 1608. 

April 1		Day of Action to Protect Endangered Forests

	Activists from across the country are organizing events to send a clear
message to Kauffman & Broad and Centex that they must stop using endangered
forests in building their homes.  For more information contact: Liz Butler,
American Lands, 202/547-9098, mailto:lizb at

April 1		Utah Wilderness Rally

	Citizens will gather for a rally on the steps of the Utah State Capitol.
The theme of the rally is "Don't Be Fooled" by Utah politicians and their
latest proposals against redrock wilderness.  For more information, contact
Ken Venables at 801/486-2872 or Susan Ash at mailto:wufc at

April 1-2		Environment First Membership Meeting

	Labor and environmental activists, mark your calendars now: the first
membership meeting of the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment
will be held April 1-2, 2000, at Portland State University in Portland OR.
Contact the ASJE website at for more information. 

April 7-12	 	National ORV Conference and Lobby Week

	Please mark your calendar to travel to Washington D.C. this coming April
7-12 for an important opportunity to influence national policy on Off-Road
Vehicles (ORVs).  For more information contact Melanie Mayock at
mailto:mmayock at or call 202/547- 9267.

April 10-17		IMF/World Bank Week

	Please come to DC for a week of action and lobbying to protect the world's
forests from developments promoted by the world's worst bankers, the IMF and
World Bank.  For more information, contact Antonia Juhasz, at
mailto:antonia at or call 202/547-9230.

April 22		Earth Day 2000

	Please mailto:earthday at,, 206/264-0114
for more information on how you can get involved.

May 5-7		California Wilderness Conference

	This conference at the California State University - Sacramento will bring
activists together for panels and workshops to protect California's
remaining wilderness.  The program currently includes panels including
"Cultural Values and the Wilderness Movement and organizing workshops to
train participants on coalition building.  For registration information
please contact Bob Schneider at mailto:verve at

May 11-14		Connecting Science, Religion and the Natural World

	This conference at Yale University, New Haven CT will link science and
religion as they relate to issues of conservation and sustainability.
Sponsors include the Yale School of Forestry, The Wilderness Society and the
National Religious Partnership for the Environment.  Please see or call 203/772-3779.

May 12-14		Western Washington Forest Conference

	The 4th annual conference at the Cispus Learning Center in the Gifford
Pinchot National Forest.  The program includes adopt-a-wilderness,
protecting old growth and activist skill trainings.  For more information,
contact Yvonne at the Gifford Pinchot Task Force at mailto:saffron at
or call 360/753-4185.

May 18-20		 Eastern Old-Growth Conference

	To be held at Sweet Briar College, Sweetbriar, Virginia.   Don't miss this
years Eastern Old-Growth Conference entitled "Managing to Create the Ancient
Forest". The conference is designed to provide a
forum for forest landowners, forest advisors, educators, conservationists,
volunteers, and others interested in the long-term management of forests, to
learn more about creating. ancient forests for the future.  For more
information contact Ted Harris, The 500 Year Forest Foundation, 804/384-2324

May 26-29		Heartwood Forest Council and Dogwood Alliance
Annual Meeting

To be co-hosted by Appalachian Voices and Wild Law at Camp Blanton in
Southeastern Kentucky.  For more information, call Heartwood: 812/337-8898
or Dogwood: mailto:lorax at, 828/883-5889.

June			Summer Training Acedemies

	This June, Summer Training Acedemies, co-sponsored by Campus Green Vote and
the League of Action Voters Conservation Fund will be held in DC, Chicago
and Los Angeles.  The Acedemies will teach 300 young people strategies,
tactics and political skills needed to protect the environment.  The
application deadline is April 7.  For more information and to apply online

June 25-July 1		Siskiyou Natural History Field Camp

	Dakubetede Environmental Education Programs, Antioch University and
Siskiyou Field Institute will be offering natural history workshops and
field trips in Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains.  For more information, contact
D.E.E.P., PO Box 1330, Jacksonville, OR 97530 or see

September 8-10		National Wilderness 2000 Conference

	This conference to be held in Denver, Colorado seeks to give activists the
tools they need to set the agenda and achieve their wilderness goals, invite
non-traditional allies to participate and to successfully interject
wilderness issues into the public debate.  For more information, please
contact Sara Scott at mailto:wild2000 at

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