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LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - March 7, 2000

California # 1 National Forest Logging State

Figures from the Forest Service for the commercial timber sales program for
the National Forest system show that the timber sales level was 2.2 billion
board feet sold in FY 1999.  California (384.3 mmbf) and Oregon (350.5 mmbf)
were the largest programs.  Of the remaining eight largest programs by
state, five were in the East or South (Michigan, Wisconsin, Mississippi,
Arkansas, and Minnesota) with three in the West (Montana, Idaho and
Washington).  The National Forests with the largest timber sale programs
were the NFs of Mississippi (102.1 mmbf); the Kootenai (83.4); Lassen
(66.6); Chequamegon (66.1); Ouachita (64.0); Tongass (61.4) and Black Hills

. . . California earns the dubious honor of being the number one logging
state on National Forest lands in 1999.  Despite making some progress
towards better land management, the Forest Service continues to log Ancient
Forests, roadless areas, municipal watersheds that provide clean drinking
water, and critical streamside habitat of threatened and endangered salmon
stocks.   Please see for
additional information on the 1999 timber sale program.   For documentation
of the agency's failure to halt destructive logging projects nationwide
please go to 

North Carolina Hunters and Anglers Rally Against Habitat Destruction 

A group of anglers and fisherman held a rally in Wilmington North Carolina
to protest the increasing damage to water quality and game habitat caused by
the state's timber industry.  The group, Protect Our Wildlife and
Environmental Resources (POWER) is concerned about the creation of giant
mono-culture pine tree plantations that are replacing mixed forests in order
to feed chip mills and other high-intensity uses.  Other concerns include
the draining of wetlands and spraying of heavy aerial herbicides required by
industrial scale forestry.  "The pine plantations down here look like 50
foot cornfields," said Gordon Hobbs founder of POWER and a lifelong hunter.
"If they keep going there will be nothing to hunt and no water to drink."
For more information on the protest, Contact Josh Abrams of the Dogwood
Alliance, 828/883-5889 or Gordon Hobbs of POWER 910/371-2504

Senator Byrd Backs Blackwater Canyon Study 

Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) has announced plans for the National Park Service to
study the Blackwater Canyon area for official National Park consideration.
Blackwater Canyon, which has been called the "Grand Canyon of the East" and
the "Crown Jewel" of West Virginia, has been the site of massive logging by
Allegheny Wood Products.  Blackwater Canyon is located below the Blackwater
Falls State Park and is surrounded by the Monongahela National forest.  The
area is home to several endangered species including the Northern Virginia
Flying Squirrel, the Cheat Mountain salamander and the Indiana bat.  For
more information contact Kristen Sykes, mailto:k.sykes at or
call 202/547-9134.

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