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LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - March 8, 2000

Sen. Fitzgerald Calls Attention to Timber Giveaways

In his first opportunity to review next year's Forest Service budget, Sen.
Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL) continued to question government subsidies to timber
companies and called for shifting logging funding to outdoor recreation and
wildlife habitat conservation. "We shouldn't be using taxpayer money to
subsidize private logging on public lands," said Fitzgerald.  "I think we
are better off paying down some of our debt and working to improve some of
our environmental or conservation initiatives."

. . .Sen. Fitzgerald deserves thanks for his leadership to end logging
subsidies and redirect funds to programs that benefit the forest and better
serve the public.  Last year Fitzgerald sponsored an amendment to the
Interior Appropriations bill to cut timber subsidies that was supported by
taxpayer and environmental groups. 

Dombeck Outlines New Forest Service Roads Policy: U.S. Forest Service Chief
Mike Dombeck has proposed  a new policy for dealing with new roads and a
backlog of road maintenance needs in each of the 155 national forests (Salt
Lake Tribune 3/3).  "Only a few activities leave a permanent, indelible mark
on the forests.  Road building is one of them," said Dombeck at a news
conference in Salt Lake City.  The proposed new would subject all new road
projects to a more intensive analysis than in the past.  The rule also
requires forest managers to keep a current inventory of roads and prioritize
which ones need immediate maintenance and which need to be reconstructed,
closed, obliterated or converted into a trail.  For more information, check
the Forest Service's Roads web site:

George W Bush Plans to Disney-fy Texas State Parks: In a quiet move to
convert the Texas state park and wildlife system into a for-profit
operation, Governor George W. Bush has sent out requests to hoteliers and
resort developers for proposals to construct 24 privately-managed "nature
lodging" projects, according Texas Public Employees for Environmental
Responsibility (PEER).  In a recent University of Texas survey of state
wildlife managers, six out of seven opposed the "nature lodging" concept
because it detracted from wildlife conservation and research.   "Texas has
less than three percent of its lands set aside in public parks and
reserves," said Texas PEER Staff Scientist Dean Keddy-Hector. "Putting
hotels in critical wildlife habitats evidences a leadership profoundly
unclear on the concept of conservation. This is an irresponsible plan to
'Disney-fy' the few remaining patches of Texas wild lands."  

Commission Postpones Utah Ski Resort Mega-Building After Show of Opposition
by School Children:  After hearing from a class of sixth-graders from the
Bennion Elementary School, Salt Lake County commissioners voted to postpone
a zone change decision that would allow Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort to
build a 50,000 square- foot building atop Hidden Peak.  "We oppose this,"
said Camey Yeh, one of the sixth-graders.  "It's bad for the mountains and
ruins the view for everyone."  The U.S. Forest Service approved Snowbird's
proposal in December; that decision was appealed in January by environmental
groups.  Many opponents of the building are concerned that it would be
visible atop a mountain.   "People go to the mountain to escape city life,"
said sixth-grader Camey Yeh.  "Would it be escaping city life with a hotel
atop a mountain?"  For more information on Snowbird, contact  Susan Ash,
Wild Utah Forest Campaign, (801) 539-1355, mailto:wufc at

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