Declining Oil Reserves

arron kcchin at
Tue Mar 14 12:13:14 EST 2000

Ted Kegebein wrote:
> David South wrote:
> > > BTW, a recent front-page article in The Oregonian detailed how within
> > > 20-50 years cars may be operated via hydrogen cells, which produce water
> > > as the end product. This hydrogen will be produced, the article stated,
> > > via algae (pond scum) grown in solution with no sulphur, which causes
> > > the algae to revert to an earlier form of photosynthesis, producing
> > > hydrogen gas at the rate of 1/10 ounce per day per gallon (

Fantastic..........Then that Scum cant be a scum!!

(you are sure hydrogen is produced? Thought all metabolic cycles, inclusive of
is to have the H trapped in energy carrying molecules either for oxidation for
energy or forma5tion or reduced molecules)

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