LANDSCOPE: Kids Pawns for Newest Effort to Increase Logging

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Subject: LANDSCOPE: Kids Pawns for Newest Effort to Increase Logging

LANDSCOPE: News and Views From American Lands - March 14, 2000

Kids Pawns for Newest Effort to Increase Logging

The "clearcuts for kids" bill S.1608 is a timber industry initiative to tie
increased logging to education funding.  The bill, sponsored by Sens. Larry
Craig (R-ID) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) seeks to justify more logging on the
National Forests by using our youngest citizens as pawns.  The bill would
create "Investment Project Advisory Committees," on which teachers and
administrators would sit, to "identify and implement projects on the federal
lands that enjoy broad-based local support."  Not only does the advisory
committee add to the huge workload already faced by teachers it also gambles
with potential education and community funds.   

. . . Education needs to come from a reliable and stable source not one that
increases destruction of our forests as happens under S. 1608 which
perpetuates the boom bust timber tread mill for rural counties.
Unfortunately its our kids that lose the most.  "If Sen. Wyden and his
cohort Sen. Larry Craig, cared about rural towns, they would sponsor forest
restoration programs, provide funding for the rehabilitation of watersheds,
projects that create habitat, obliterate logging roads, and create steady
and dependable wages for a multitude of workers" said an op-ed by John F.
Borowski an environmental science teacher from Oregon. 

Harsh Sentence: Two forest protection activists received a tough sentence
for protesting at a Keystone Chip mill near Kane Pennsylvania.  The
activists were sentenced to write research papers on the attributes of
logging in the Allegheny National Forest.  McKean County Judge John M.
Cleland told the activists that if they're going to be activists they must
know the other side of the story better than the opposition does.  He
sentenced them to do 50 hours of research on how "timber harvesting enhances
(the forest) and promotes black cherry and other valuable timber."

New Website: Chuck Pezeshki has developed a  website on the Clearwater
National Forest including a hiking map and lots of photos of Wild Idaho at

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