Northwest Wilderness Conference March 31 - April 2 in Seattle

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Subject: Northwest Wilderness Conference March 31 - April 2 in Seattle

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Date:	March 14, 2000

Subject:	Northwest Wilderness Conference March 31 - April 2 in Seattle

	Join in celebrating a renewal of our commitment to wilderness preservation
at the Northwest Wilderness Conference 2000 on March 31-April 2, 2000 in
Seattle at the Mountaineers Building.

	Speakers include:  Harv Forsgren, new USFS Regional Forester for Oregon and
Washington; Robert Stanton, Director, National Park Service; David Foreman,
Wildlands Project; Jaime Pinkham, the Nez Perce Tribe; Charles Wilkinson,
professor and author; David Brower, chairman of Earth Island Institute;
Michael Frome, wilderness author;  Celia Hunter, a long time Alaskan
environmentalist; Denis Hayes, President, Bullitt Foundation; Jim Jontz,
Director of American Lands and many others.

	Registration for 3-days: Regular $85.00; Reduced Income $50.00  To receive
a conference brochure:  NWWPC, 12730 - 9th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98177 or
mailto:nwwpc at  For program and conference updates check:   Registration forms can also be downloaded
from the web site.  Or contact Bob Freimark at The Wilderness Society
(mailto:freimark at   phone, 206-624-6430).

	Current cosponsors include 42 local, regional, and national conservation
groups.   If your group has not cosponsored yet please contact us
immediately (by e-mail or phone).  There is no charge for cosponsorship.
There is still room for exhibiting.  Exhibition forms are available from our
web site. 

Support Locked-Out Kaiser Steelworkers March 25-27

	Come help protest Kaiser Aluminum/Pacific Lumber March 25-27 at the Kaiser
plant in Tacoma Washington.  Join a coalition of environmentalists, labor,
students and people of faith to show solidarity with the struggles of
locked-out Kaiser Aluminum Steelworkers.  To prepare for the rally from
March 22-24 there will be workshops, trainings and teach-ins at Carpenters
Hall in Tacoma.  For more information please call 253/572-4247 or
mailto:kim2 at or see

Allegheny Oil and Gas Field Training Weekend March 30 - April 4

	High demand for oil and gas are encouraging modern-day explorers to carve
up the Allegheny National Forest with roads, pipelines and wells.  These
roads, wells and pipelines are releasing sediment and toxic pollutants into
the creeks.  The EPA has already reported that Northwestern Pennsylvania
suffers from a chronic oil spill situation resulting from numerous small
discharges from thousands of wells, tanks and ponds.  Come learn how to
counter this threat to public lands in a weekend long workshop about the
operations of oil fields on public lands.  For more information contact Jim
Kleissler, Allegheny Defense Project at mailto:jkleissler at

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