The Awful Truth

Karl Davies karl at
Tue Mar 14 23:18:16 EST 2000

Raymond Brown wrote:

> Karl,
> If I may I would like to add a little Ontario (Canadian) twist to the discussion.

Sure!  Wade right into the swamp, er, wetland, whatever. <G>

> Fist of all I am relatively young and so have not experienced that much of
> forestry.  I have been a part of the forestry scene for only tens years now, and I
> consider that to be a developing rookie.

Actually you have ten years more experience than some of our state burrocrats in MA.

> Here in Ontario, 18 months after graduation a forester is licensed as an RPF or
> Registered Professional Forester.  Doesn't mean much really, unless you are a
> forester who signs management plans on Crown land.  From what I have been told,
> legislation is in place to change this.  According to what I have been told, 18
> months after graduation a forester will have to right an exam to get their RPF
> status.

No experience necessary?  Weird.  Or do they figure you can get all you need in 18

> At this point they can be sued for malpractise if you can prove
> mismanagement of the publics forest (89% of our forest is public).

Cool.  If we had such a thing in the state, the cases would clog the courts.  They would
totally shut down.

> Proving
> malpractise will require progressive judges, since they probably don't know much
> about biology or forestry.  As for state or in our case provincial foresters, they
> tend to stay out of the private land game.  They will offer some basic advice for
> landowners, but that is it.

Why is it Canadians are always so much smarter than Americans?  I've always wondered

> For more extensive information or work the provincial
> forester will pass the landowner onto a private land consultant such as myself.  I
> am licensed to write management plans on private land, and it is requiered that I
> write and Pass (75%) a written exam every year.  Although this is challenging, it
> adds credibility.  Our goverenment got out of the private forestry business about 4
> years ago.  It was to expensive for them.

How did they figure that out?  Oh right, Canadians are smarter.



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