The Awful Truth

Karl Davies karl at
Wed Mar 15 08:27:50 EST 2000

Doug Halliwell wrote:

> Karl:
> It is late in the evening and I don't have a lot of time to deal with all of
> the issues that were brought up in "The
> Awful Truth" but would like to mention a few things.  For one thing, I am a
> practicing forester with a state agency and have been doing it for about 32
> years, so am one of your buro crats.

Missouri, right?  I did a little search and found your name on the DoC web
site.  So please tell us some more about your forestry "practice."  Could you
give us a profile of your average "client?"  Income, professional status, that
sort of thing.

And could you also enlighten us about why there are so few consulting foresters
in your state?  We understand from past discussions that there are only about 5
in a state with about 14 million acres of forest, but that there are something
like 300 forestry burros.  Are these numbers correct?

BTW, I'm still waiting for your responses to my questions of Monday night.


Karl Davies, Practicing Forester

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