LANDSCOPE: Scientists Find Species Threatened by Northwest Forest

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Subject: LANDSCOPE: Scientists Find Species Threatened by Northwest  Forest Plan Revision

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - March 17, 2000

Scientists Find Species Threatened by Northwest Forest Plan Revision

A group of scientists with extensive experience with the forests in the
Pacific Northwest have found serious deficiencies in the Draft Supplement
Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) proposed by the Forest Service to
revise the Northwest Forest Plan.  "The alternatives raise serious questions
about the ability of the Northwest Forest Plan to maintain viable
populations of survey and manage species," says the scientists' official
comment letter submitted to the agency.  The scientists conclude the DSEIS
fails to consider the environmental consequences of dropping species from
the survey requirement.  For more information, please contact Dominick Della
Sala, World Wildlife Fund, mailto:dellasal at  

. . . The Forest Service should withdraw the DSEIS and reissue it with a no
old growth logging alternative.  Please contact Forest Service Chief Michael
Dombeck at 202/205-1661 or fax 205-1765 and urge him to end logging of old
growth on National Forest Lands.

Group Reports Snowmobile Trespass in Montana Wilderness:  The Native Forest
Network is asking the Forest Service for an investigation into a pattern of
repeated snowmobile trespass in Gallatin National Forest Wilderness areas
(Native Forest Network press release, 2/29/00).  According to Phil Knight of
the Native Forest Network, "Snowmobilers on the Gallatin National Forest
consistently disregard Wilderness boundaries and run their machines where
they are not allowed by law. They also go places that are specifically
closed for wildlife security."  Knight bases his allegations on direct
observations he and others in the area have made.  "If one rider goes into
the Wilderness, he or she leaves a track which others then follow."
Contact: Phil Knight, (406) 586-3885;  mailto:pknight at  

Salmon Comments Due March 31:  You can make a difference for Pacific
Northwest salmon in less than 30 seconds.  Go to Save Our Wild Salmon's
website at  It's easy to send a free
pre-written e-mail comment for the record, but the deadline is March 31st.
Four dams on Washington's Lower Snake River must be removed to save this
legendary fish.  Your postcard will help federal agencies to make the right
Comments Due March 30th on Federal Study of Southern Forest Sustainability:
The US Forest Service, EPA and US Fish and Wildlife Service have initiated
an unprecedented study on forest sustainability in response to growing
public concern about the proliferation of chip mills and the expansion of
industrial forestry in the South.  The two year study will conclude in July
2001.  There are major concerns about the content of the study which is why
more comments are needed.  Comments are due by March 30th.  For more
information contact Danna Smith, Dogwood Alliance, mailto:lorax at

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