LANDSCOPE: Scientists Find Species Threatened by Northwest Forest ...Oh My!

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Is the group headed by Dr. Science???

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>Subject: LANDSCOPE: Scientists Find Species Threatened by Northwest  Forest
Plan Revision
>LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - March 17, 2000
>Scientists Find Species Threatened by Northwest Forest Plan Revision
>A group of scientists with extensive experience with the forests in the
>Pacific Northwest have found serious deficiencies in the Draft Supplement
>Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) proposed by the Forest Service to
>revise the Northwest Forest Plan.  "The alternatives raise serious
>about the ability of the Northwest Forest Plan to maintain viable
>populations of survey and manage species," says the scientists' official
>comment letter submitted to the agency.  The scientists conclude the DSEIS
>fails to consider the environmental consequences of dropping species from
>the survey requirement.  For more information, please contact Dominick
>Sala, World Wildlife Fund, mailto:dellasal at
>. . . The Forest Service should withdraw the DSEIS and reissue it with a no
>old growth logging alternative.  Please contact Forest Service Chief
>Dombeck at 202/205-1661 or fax 205-1765 and urge him to end logging of old
>growth on National Forest Lands.
>Group Reports Snowmobile Trespass in Montana Wilderness:  The Native Forest
>Network is asking the Forest Service for an investigation into a pattern of
>repeated snowmobile trespass in Gallatin National Forest Wilderness areas
>(Native Forest Network press release, 2/29/00).  According to Phil Knight
>the Native Forest Network, "Snowmobilers on the Gallatin National Forest
>consistently disregard Wilderness boundaries and run their machines where
>they are not allowed by law. They also go places that are specifically
>closed for wildlife security."  Knight bases his allegations on direct
>observations he and others in the area have made.  "If one rider goes into
>the Wilderness, he or she leaves a track which others then follow."
>Contact: Phil Knight, (406) 586-3885;  mailto:pknight at
>Salmon Comments Due March 31:  You can make a difference for Pacific
>Northwest salmon in less than 30 seconds.  Go to Save Our Wild Salmon's
>website at  It's easy to send a free
>pre-written e-mail comment for the record, but the deadline is March 31st.
>Four dams on Washington's Lower Snake River must be removed to save this
>legendary fish.  Your postcard will help federal agencies to make the right
>Comments Due March 30th on Federal Study of Southern Forest Sustainability:
>The US Forest Service, EPA and US Fish and Wildlife Service have initiated
>an unprecedented study on forest sustainability in response to growing
>public concern about the proliferation of chip mills and the expansion of
>industrial forestry in the South.  The two year study will conclude in July
>2001.  There are major concerns about the content of the study which is why
>more comments are needed.  Comments are due by March 30th.  For more
>information contact Danna Smith, Dogwood Alliance, mailto:lorax at
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