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> This sounds great. Do you have any good peer-reviewed or replicated research
> confirming this.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of scientific citations regarding
ectomycorrhizal and mycorrhizal fungi.

> How do you reliably inoculate plug stock?

I have not attempted to inoculate plug stock.

To my knowledge, no one has attempted it.

However, Dr. James Trappe of Oregon State University (former principal
mycologist for the BLM and Forest Service) has indicated an "average
sized" Rhizopogon had sufficient spores to inoculate nearly a million
seedling trees. In my experience, an "average sized" Rhizopogon
vinicolor is about the size of a large marble.

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> >So why aren't more timber companies use mycorrhizal fungi? Is it
> >possible they just don't know about them? Or are they just ignored? And
> >what about private timber owners?
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