local and entirely non-magical woodlands

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>Holly wrote:
>> Leyland Cypress
>According to http://bluehen.ags.udel.edu/deces/hyg/hyg-91.htm, this
>hybrid species is a natural cross between Alaskan white cedar and
>Monterey cypress.  So it's a product of breeding, not genetic
>engineering.  Therefore it doesn't qualify as a Frankentree.
But in England they want to ban it, or at least control it, as the 'Bad
Neighbour Tree'. Sold in garden centres as a quick growing hedge, it
indeed lives up to this description, and produces a 15+ metre high,
dense, solid, dark conifer wall within 20 years, obstructing sunlight
from neighbours' gardens. (Under UK law, one can only build a 2 metre
high garden wall, for privacy; however a Leylandia 'wall' is exempt from
planning regulations as it is a 'plant').
theo hopkins

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