Frankentrees Under Siege!

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Fri Mar 31 18:50:18 EST 2000

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by Forest Stump 10:14am Wed Mar 29 '00

Frankentree campaign launched at Bio2000's doorstep. Something stinks in
Castle Frankenstein.

As the sun rose over Genetown Monday morning activists from the Native
Forest Network (NFN) and ACERCA gathered in the plaza next to Castle
Frankenstein, home of the biotech industry's international conference.
The activists were on hand to announce the launching of an international
campaign against Frankentrees and in support of native forests.

With NFN banners in the background and Bio2000 conferees passing by,
Orin Langelle of ACERCA announced to the press and TV cameras that the
campaign was being christened at the same time as Bio2000 was having its
symposium on Frankentrees, titled: "New Trees Grow Closer: The
Ecological, Ethical and Scientific Issues of Forest Biotechnology". New
trees may be growing closer, but as far as these forest activists were
concerned, NO trees will be growing on Frankentree plantations when
people discover the potential ecological dangers inherent in such

Also on hand were representatives from the Rainforest Action Network
(RAN) whose recent successful Home Depot campaign convinced the giant
building supply chain to stop using old-growth lumber. RAN will be
joining ACERCA, NFN and the World Rainforest Movement of Uruguay in the
Frankentree campaign. Representative of Bio2000 and the Frankentree
industry were not available for comment.

Unconfirmed reports say that some sort of stinkbomb was released inside
Castle Frankenstein during the "New Tree" Symposium by unknown
assailants. There has been no further information regarding that event.
However, it comes as no surprise that a technology that stinks as much
as the genetic engineering of Frankentrees should attract such kinds of

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