NSO Compensation

Larry Caldwell larryc at user2.teleport.com
Sun May 21 11:21:16 EST 2000

A Superior Court jury in Yakima, Washoington has awarded SDS Lumber
company $2.25 million dollars in compensation for lost revenues on a 232
acre parcel of land.  SDS' logging permit was revoked when a nesting pair
of Northern Spotted Owl was discovered on the site. 

The verdict is going to be appealed.  If it is upheld in higher court, it
could set national legal precedent that the public has to bear the cost of
public policy.

Environmental laws in the USA have traditionally been unfunded mandates,
requiring a small minority of rural landowners to bear the majority of the
financial burden of maintaining the environment.  The Yakima Superior
Court decision would mandate a much broader and more sustainable level of
financial support.

-- Larry

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