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> > > Except formerly-private superfund cleanup sites,
> > Many of which are government-owned and are the result of government
> > operations, or are otherwise the responsbility of businesses which
> > long been out of existence and are the result of incorrect practices
> > which were not known at the time to be incorrect.
>    I smell a rat here. A rat in the form of excuses custom-made for
> CEI's sources of funding.

Why was the "Superfund" created, Loren?

> > > except uranium mines in the
> > > southwest,
> > Most of which were on public lands.
> > > except iron mines in the north central, except, except, except.
> > > I'm not arguing that no degradation has occured on public land --
> > BLM has
> > > opened up the American west to private interests for quite awhile.
> > Public lands - tragedy of the commons.
> > >  The Park's
> > > Service has paved over far too much of our system.
> > Tragedy of the commons again.
>    Horse manure. These are *NOT* examples of the "tragedy of the
> commons", but of lax management on the part of various government
> agencies.

Tragedy of the commons, thank you very much.  Resources held in common
are apt to be abused.  Like the Cuyahoga River in Ohio, as you properly
agreed.  Polluting a river for which nobody is directly responsible is
no different than overgrazing a piece of government owned land,
hydraulically mining a piece of government owned land, or creating over-
used national parks.

> And lack of government regulation is supposedly commendable.
>    Private ownership can easily take the form of "use it up and move
> onward", which is what has essentially happened in many cases.

I see - and you can point to examples of this, of course.

 - Andrew Langer

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