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Thu Nov 2 14:56:32 EST 2000

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> David Gossman <dgossman at gcisolutions.com> wrote:
> > Actually governments are the ecosystem's worst nightmare. Corporations
> > up as an artificial and protected extension of government come in
second -
> > that is not private industry. And I'll bet you think more government is
> > answer...
>    What do you mean by that? Be specific.

By what? That corporations protected and suppoted by the government as legal
entities with rights that can interfere with individaul rights are not part
of the problem and not a true example of private industry? What, exactly do
you want me to be specific about?
>    And I have a speculation.
>    That if environmentalists buy up enough land, those that want to
> exploit that land in an environmentally irresponsible manner will try
> to use something like eminent domain to grab it from them.

Another example of government interference rather then protection of
individual rights.
>    And their admirers and paid flacks will forget about their former
> property-rights absolutism and claim that property rights do *not*
> include the right to practice economic sabotage.
Is this your excuse for not doing something personally or not supporting the
real conservation organizations that do just this? I think you have
identified for yourself the real difference between a libertarian and a
statist. Again, which do you support?

David Gossman

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