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VENIX - written up in July 2000 issue of Prevention Magazine, as one of 
only 2 Herbal Supplements that actually work as good, if not better than 

Order VENIX today:

Venix(TM) An all-natural dietary supplement uniquely formulated to provide 
tyhe right combination of ingredients to promote sexual well-being.  Venix 
contains Triacin, a proprietary combination of Cordyceps sinesis, Ginkgo 
biloba extract, and L-Arginine.  Taken regularly, Venix helps to support 
sexual well-being by promoting various physiological systems that are 
related to normal sexual functioning.  120 capsules (30 day supply) #01 
003349  $49.95

Order today: 1-888-742-7626 Mon-Fri (7am to 10pm MST), Saturday (7am to 7pm 
MST) You need to provide this: DRN US9038470

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