Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

Scott Nudds af329 at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Fri Nov 10 11:01:58 EST 2000

pmcmullen at my-deja.com wrote:
: Actually Nazi's are left wing, supporting a powerful central government.

Conservatives will make every effort to excuse themselves of the horrific
crimes of their past.

"Hitler's ideas included little that cannot be traced to earlier writers
or to the commonly accepted shibboleths of Viennese right-wing
radicalism in his youth." - Britannica 98
"Ernst Rohm, a member of the staff of the district army command, who had
actually joined the German Workers' Party before Hitler and who was of
great help in furthering his schemes for developing it into an
instrument of power. It was he who recruited the "strong arm" squads
used by Hitler to protect party meetings, to attack Socialists and
Communists, and to exploit violence for the impression of strength it
gave." - Britannica - 98

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