Staples Inc.: Targeted for Destruction of Endangered Forests

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Subject: Staples Inc.: Targeted for Destruction of Endangered Forests

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Staples Inc.: Targeted for Destruction of Endangered Forests

Local Activists Protest Office Super Store's Forest Destruction

Washington, DC  – Today environmental activists held a protest at
Staples Office Supply store, 1250 H St. NW,  calling for an end to
old-growth and endangered forest paper use by the company.  The protest
today coincides with similar events across the country protesting the
wholesale destruction of our forests by Staples, the nation's largest
office super store. 

"Staples continues to use trees from rare ancient forests in the Pacific
Northwest and forests in the Southern US but these beautiful places are
worth far more than just pulp," said Steve Holmer Campaign Coordinator
American Lands Alliance  "We are joining together with activists across
the country as well as environmentally sustainable paper producers,
small businesses and concerned citizens to say to Staples it is time to
become a responsible corporate citizen and stop selling products made
from endangered forests."

Paper usage has increased to the point that every American is now using
over 70 pounds of paper per year.  One company has done more then its
share to contribute to this trend: Staples.  Staples has failed to
support the use of recycled paper or alternative paper products.

Activists today mourned the loss southern and old growth forests with
tombstones containing forest destruction facts and old stumps.  The
stumps represent the millions of trees sacrificed to the pulp and paper
industry and landfills.  The protest sends a strong message to Staples
Office Supply store  that consumers are not going to tolerate the use of
old growth forests for paper supplies and office products.   "With some
many alternatives such as hemp and kenaf and recycled paper products
there is no reason why Staples  should be ravaging  temperate
rainforests and our public lands for paper supplies," said Kristen Sykes
Eastern Forest Advocate for American Lands Alliance.

The activists presented Staples with a list of demands.  The demands
include that Staples: 

	Immediately phase out of all wood and paper products made from old
growth fiber.

	Immediately phase out of all wood and paper products made from fiber
from US public lands.

	Commit to achieving 50% post consumer content for all paper products
within two years and begin an immediate phase out of all products that
are 100% virgin wood fiber.

	Make available 100% post consumer paper and paper that is made from
agricultural fiber available by allocating permanent shelf space and
stocking it in all stores or other points of sale.

	Educate all employees, customers and suppliers on the benefits of
recycled paper, recycling, the availability of alternative fibers, and
the benefits of healthy forest resources.

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