Environmental Coalition Appeals Flagstaff Forest Restoration Model

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Subject: Environmental Coalition Appeals Flagstaff Forest Restoration Model

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - November 14, 2000

Environmental Coalition Appeals Flagstaff Forest Restoration Model

An administrative appeal of the Fort Valley project — the forest
thinning project that has become nationally known as the "Flagstaff
Model" — was filed by the Southwest Forest Alliance, Center for
Biological Diversity and the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club. 
The appeal asks the Forest Service to conduct a comprehensive
environmental impact statement of all proposed thinning projects in the
Flagstaff area before proceeding with Fort Valley and other thinning
projects.  The appeal asserts that environmental effects of using the
scientifically unproven pre-settlement model are highly uncertain and
that the project violates Forest Service management guidelines for
northern goshawk and old-growth protection.  

. . . "All of us appealing this project acknowledge and support the need
to reduce the threat of wildfires have on communities like Flagstaff,"
said Marcos Hoffman of the Southwest Forest Alliance.  "This is best
done by first focusing our attention on reducing dense forest conditions
in those areas where homes and forests meet, not by applying overly
aggressive and unproven strategies miles away from the community that we
need to protect.  It's time for the proponents of the Flagstaff model to
address this by adopting less controversial treatment strategies and by
focusing on community protection."  For more information
mailto:mhoffman at swfa.org or see http://www.swfa.org 

Timber sale located in the Ouachita National Forest in southeastern
Oklahoma was recently stopped by administrative appeal by the Forest
Conservation Council (FCC).  The timber sale, which would have logged
over four million board feet, was proposed by the Forest Service as a
way to create habitat for deer and turkey.   In halting the sale the
Forest Service agreed with the FCC's contention that forest managers had
not provided site-specific information about the effects of their
proposed actions on wildlife.  For more information contact Bryan Bird,
Forest Conservation Council, 561/347-0949 or
mailto:bmbird at worldnet.att.net 

MANAGED ON PUBLIC LANDS:  A report recently released by the General
Accounting Office found that the four national land management agencies
have not properly managed snowmobile and personal watercraft use on
public lands.  According to the report, about 60 percent of the
agencies' jurisdictions had not collected any data on the impact of the
machines, and another 20 percent said they'd collected too little data
to make decisions about where the machines should and shouldn't be
allowed.  The report noted that the agencies lack the manpower and money
necessary for thorough studies, with more than two-thirds of the
managers interviewed saying they lacked people to enforce restrictions
already in place.  In one example cited in the report, the Shoshone
National Forest in Wyoming has only two enforcement officers to cover
2.2 million acres.  For a copy of the report see http://www.gao.gov 

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