"Wildwood" to be purchased by the BC Land Conservancy

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Nov 16 11:33:37 EST 2000

I just copied the following "news flash" from the Ecoforestry
web site at http://ecoforestry.ca/

The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC) has negotiated
    purchase of “Wildwood,” near Ladysmith on southern Vancouver

    Island, where logger Merve Wilkinson has practised
ecoforestry for
    the past 62 years.

    The forest of about 32 hectares (70 acres), to be bought for
its assessed value
    of $1,010,000, will be maintained as a model in sustainable
forestry practices
    and operated as an ecoforestry education centre.

    Over the years it has become a meeting place world-wide for
foresters and
    students interested in alternatives to the industrial
forestry which dominates
    in British Columbia. Wildwood has more wood on it today than
when Merve
    Wilkinson, now 87, began managing the forest in 1938.

    “It is the intention of The Land Conservancy that the land
be maintained in
    perpetuity as an important heritage site, a tribute to
Merve’s work and a
    model in ecoforestry practices,” said Bill Turner, TLC
executive director.

    Management of the property will be the responsibility of the
    Institute, based in Victoria, which will be a partner with
TLC in campaigning
    for donations to complete the purchase. Wilkinson is a
director of the
    Ecoforestry Institute. He and his wife Anne will continue to
live at Wildwood.

    “Wildwood is an outstanding example of ecoforestry in
practice and the
    institute is committed to perpetuating Merve’s contribution
to excellence in
    forestry, through education and training of ecoforestry
practitioners and other
    interested people,” said Ray Travers, chair of the
Ecoforestry Institute, on
    future plans for Wildwood.

    Under terms of the purchase, TLC and the Ecoforestry
Institute have three
    years to raise the purchase price. The Wilkinsons are
donating $150,000
    towards the purchase. A majority interest in the property
was held by
    Wilkinson’s former wife. The property will be protected by a
    conservation covenant which would prevent development,
future resale or

    The Land Conservancy of British Columbia is a charity,
independent of
    government, which works to protect plants, animals and
natural communities
    that represent the diversity of life on Earth, by protecting
the lands and
    waters they need to survive. TLC also protects areas of
scientific, historical,
    cultural, scenic or compatible recreational value.

    The Ecoforestry Institute is also a charity, dedicated to
promoting “the art,
    philosophy, science and practice of ecologically responsible
forest use.”

    For more information:

        At TLC: Alison Spriggs, (250) 480-7641

        At the Ecoforestry Institute: Ray Travers, RPF, board
chair (250) 477-8479

        Merve Wilkinson (250) 722-2853

    see also: A letter of support from afar

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