Clinton bars logging on roadless areas

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> Looks like the carpet bag is about to be on the other foot.  My worry is
> that we'll have to live through four more years of campaigning, deadlock
> and nitpicking. Neither of these two fortunate sons seem to fill the
> footwear.
> What roadless areas remain (in national forests that I know about)
> couldn't be logged profitably even with old high impact logging
> techniques and high prices. If it was possible, most listed areas
> wouldn't be roadless. And now we've got neither Cro-Magnon logging nor
> good stumpage.
> There may be grounds for an exception on the Olympic NF.  Timber has
> reached commercial maturity (50 years) on several rather large burns
> that are also quasi roadless. This acreage could come "back online" and
> offset a portion of the set asides. The Forks Burn, for one, was
> clearcut after the fire in '51 and its existing roads allowed to
> disintegrate. The remaining fragmented roads are textbook examples of
> why cut & fill is the most  expensive road building technique in the
> long run. I don't see any way for the repairs - now ESA required- to be
> made without some profitable logging.

Your post is one of the reasons why private timber lands have suddenly
become so lucrative-looking. I'm sure there is a correlation between
Clinton's pronouncement and the apparent hostile take-over bid by
Weyerhauser on Willamette Forest Industries.

This may actually bode well for timber owners, since the passage of
Measure 7 in Oregon, which provides for the payment of lost revenues to
landowners from protection of endangered species on their property. On my
own small acreage, I have Northern Spotted owl, Steelhead, Cut-throat
trout and a few plant species of some concern. it is possible Measure 7
will cause timber prices across the nation to suddenly increase. We will
have to wait and see.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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