Clinton bars logging on roadless areas

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> > And if that world class moron GW Bush gets in the white house and attempts to
> > throw out this action by Clinton, he'll be surprised to find one big fight on
> > his hands.
> How would you fight it?  The prez doesn't have to ask anybody, he can
> just do it.
> It's not worth worrying about anyway.  The current wave of protectionism
> is a house of cards that will blow away on the winds of public opinion.
> The environment would be better served by putting a decent federal forest
> management program in place, which would be harder for politicians to
> dislodge.
Considering the passage of Oregon's measure 7, the issue may be mute.
Measure 7 is apparently a knee-jerk reaction sponsored by realtors over
the inability to build as they like on sensitive lands, such as those
next to salmon-bearing streams. Apparently this measure will also affect
timber companies. I suspect it is the real reason behind Weyerhauser's
attempt to take over Willamette Industries at this time. Measure 7 may
have to be repealed in order to keep the state of Oregon from going

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