Clinton bars logging on roadless areas

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Sat Nov 18 20:53:08 EST 2000

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> I missed this one. What's Measure 7?  

You can see the text at

It mandates that the state reimburse property owners if regulations have 
reduced the value of their property any time since they bought it.  My 
parents have owned beaucoup property since the 1960's, and state land use 
planning laws weren't passed until 1973, so the state owes them the 
difference in price between agricultural property and subdividable land.

There are also a whole raft of regulations on rural land, like field 
burning restrictions, noise ordinances, etc. that the state will either 
have to pony up compensation for or repeal.  

Federal regulations are exempted.

Expect the measure to spend the next few years in the courts.  It 
obviously violates the equal protection provisions of the US 
Constitution, because if your bought your property 5 years ago you get 
nothing, while if you bought your property 30 years ago you get rich.

English lesson for the week:

You do not "peak" someone's interest, you pique their interest.

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