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Mycorrhizal fungi are symbiotic with most trees found in the United
States. Without these essential fungi, trees would likely not exist.
These fungi are ancient, some dating back to the Cambrian and Silurian
eras. Many predate angiosperms.

Loggers insist that trees can be treated as a crop. If true, that
statement suggests mycorhizal fungi are already being grown in
plantations across the world.

Here is a chance to verify that theory. Take a short walk in your woods
sometime during October (try to avoid stray bullets from the hunters
trespassing thereon ;). Take note of the fungi fruiting there. Post the
names of those you can identify, including the date found, and the
county, elevation, and trees the fungi were found near.

This information will help in several ways. 1) It documents the fruiting
of mycorrhizal or other fungi in plantations. 2) It may indicate a
succession of mycorrhizal fungi as trees mature. 3) It may indicate that
some mycorrhizal fungi have greater value than the trees, thereby
indicating that logging ignores an important economic activity. 4) It may
show that instead of a single additional crop from forested or plantation
lands, there could literally be hundreds if not thousands of other crops.
Some of these could already be fruiting on YOUR LAND with YOUR TREES.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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