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In the latest Soc. of American Woodchuck Foresters rag, "The
Forestry Woodchuck Source", in an article, "Thoughts of a
Departing Council Member"- I quote the woodchuck, Kerry F.
Schell, as follows:

     "Most environmental organizations support policies and
     programs that are in conflict with good forest

That's classic brain dead woodchuck statement - the reason that
forestry is NOT  a profession- but a Mafia Racket built around
pilfering forests around the world. But don't dare go into the
SAF's email lists to tell them that because they won't
appreciate it and they'll throw you out- which they've done to
myself and Karl Davies with their utterly brain dead demand to
be "polite" in their new moderated list. Being polite and being
intelligent are in direct conflict in the forestry world. The
SAF defines politeness as the degree to which you shrivel your
brains and balls to follow the party line.

By the way, I've noticed that the SAF new list, called Forestry
Propaganda Focus , is drying up fast- few messages, boring, with
never a counter view- all in black and white- a true party line
paradise. On to Moscow!
Joe  Zorzin

SAF Party meeting

"I also want to ask what is wrong with 'right-wing politics'"
posted in SAF News on 9/11/2000 on
Karl Wenger, 1998 President of the SAF

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