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Duri Koenz wrote:

> Hello List
> I would like very much to read what the worldwide community of foresters
> thinks about this question, and what proposals there are....
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> Which are the 5 challenges or problems that will occupie foresters most
> in the next future?
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> duri

How about 6? <G>

1. A much improved education is needed. In my opinion, forestry education
should be structured like the education of lawyers and medical doctors (in
America). First, one should get an undergraduate degree in
biology/ecology/geology. Then and only then, you go to "forestry professional
school" for at least 3 years.  Actually, what I'm thinking of is an entire new
profession- a fusion of "environmentalist" and "traditional forester". Such a
fusion will be the end of the quarrels between these two types. But, before
such a person is through with their education, in my ideal world, I'd also
require that they:
a. go on a several thousand mile backpack trip to develop a full (non
economic) appreciation the Earth, best gotten by walking on it
b. at least 5 years working as a "field forester" including periods working as
a logger and in sawmills before being allowed to teach forestry or to work in
any government forestry agency. After doing all of the above, they'll get
their full professional title. I haven't yet decided what that title should
be. <G>

2. Developing a better appreciation of the true economic value of forests.
This is best accomplished in 2 ways:
a. fully accounting for "ecosystem values"- see
b. understanding that forests can grow value at a high rate- for a good review
of forestry economics go to

3. Ecoforestry is the wave of the future- without clearcutting, pesticides,
herbicides and other agricultural methods. For more on ecoforestry, check out I suggest purchasing their excellent book.

4. Better organizations of foresters. For example, the Society of American
Foresters is a reactionary club of industrial foresters and their cohorts and
lackeys in academia and the bureaucracies. They represent the short term view,
the simplistic view, the backward view, the selfish view- the view that
forests should be managed like farms and the view that such management should
serve primarily themselves, not the rest of mankind. The future of forestry is
in advanced, sophisticated organizations like the Forest Steward's Guild.
Check it out the Guild at

5. Developing political awareness and the courage to use such awareness for
the advancement of forestry. In America, foresters are strongly discouraged
from having any political consciousness at all- and the very mediocre forestry
education guarantees it. Here, the forestry "profession" operates in the same
propaganda rich environment as was common in the former Soviet Union. Everyone
is supposed to "follow the party line". Here, serious thinking about social
and economic "class structure" is almost considered heresy. We are supposed to
worship "property rights" without any consideration that such a concept may be
used to cover up great wrong doings to forest owners, the public and the
forests. For more on the politics of forestry check out and Remember what Socrates
told the youth of Athens- to challenge authority! To see good examples of
mindless forestry lies and propaganda, go to the following 3 websites which
offer a level of party line solidarity that not even Stalin or Mao ever
received. <G> To mindlessly absorb such trivial "thinking" is a disgrace to
the title of "professional". All, of course, are American sites, where
triviality is passed off as visionary. <G> Beware of these sites.
Assoc. of Consulting Foresters at
Society of American Foresters at
National Assoc. of State Foresters at

6. Much greater respect for old growth forests and the concept of the Earth as
Gaia. Check out,
and references to old growth in the fabulous publication by the National
Wildlife Federation at and be sure to
download the .pdf file. And also check out a great web site on the big trees
of the eastern USA at For an interesting
perspective on the Gaia, check out

In conclusion, it's a big world with a lot of ideas. The worst thing you can
do is listen to your "elders". Follow the advice of Socrates and challenge
authority. Learn as much as possible from people who you think are against
forestry but who may not be once you get passed the propaganda drilled into
your head.

Joe  Zorzin

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