Logging Still Threatens Roadless Areas

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Subject: Logging Still Threatens Roadless Areas

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Logging Still Threatens Roadless Areas

The Interior Appropriations bill includes a massive increase in funding in
response to this year's fire season that lacks adequate environmental
safeguards and could open the door to a significant increase in logging in
roadless areas.   The draft roadless area protection policy would not
protect against fuels reduction projects which often take the form of timber
sales and non-commercial thinning projects.

"The final roadless policy should prohibit logging, including so-called
stewardship, forest health or fuels reduction logging, which have all the
same negative impacts of regular logging and which have not been proven to
help restore forest ecosystems or reduce fire risks," said Steve Holmer,
campaign coordinator for American Lands.  "Without adequate environmental
safeguards, fuels reduction service contracts to remove trees could take
place in roadless areas, old growth forests, and endangered species habitats
and could include the logging of large fire-resistant trees."

"To ensure that emergency fire funding is directed to help protect
communities and homes, all fuels reduction funds should be exclusively
directed to the urban/wildlands interface which is defined as the area 200
feet surrounding an inhabited structure," said Holmer.  "Not to roadless
areas or other wildlands where the risk to lives and property are lowest."

"We support and appreciate the Administration's roadless initiative, but
must remind the White House that strong leadership is still needed, roadless
areas are not yet protected," said Holmer.  "Roadless areas are still being
logged by the Forest Service right now, and under their draft plan, this
logging would continue as before."  

One example of a harmful roadless areas timber sale is the Quartzite Timber
Sale on the Colville National Forest which proposes to log 4,500 acres out
of the 5,000 acre Quartzite roadless area.  This is the largest remaining
roadless area near the city of Spokane and is a popular recreation and
scenic area.

"The Administration has an historic opportunity to leave a legacy of
protected forest lands all across America," said Holmer.  "But this won't
happen if these precious roadless lands are left open to logging -- they
will be stripped bare of trees -- so we urge the President to issue a final
policy that requires complete protection for all National Forests from all
forms of logging."

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