Chestnut Grows in Brookline MA

Marvin Minsky minsky at
Fri Oct 6 11:30:08 EST 2000

In 1994 I found some sprouting chestnuts in the local supermarket.
I planted them in a pot in a little greenhouse.
Three of them grew.
Next year I planted them in the nack yard.  One died.  Another is not 10
feet high.
The third one is now 35 feet high, with trunk about 8 inches diameter.
It has about 50 tennis-ball size fruits.  They just started to fall off.
Squirrels got some.  The burrs have long very thin, very sharp spints

Each fruit contains about three rather flat, soft chestnuts.  About an
inch in diameter but only a quarter-inch thick, not like their nice
spherical parents.

Any suggestions?   I have never hear of a hardwood tree growing this
rapidly.  Presumably, there are no others in the area (Brookline, MA)

Marvin Minsky
and I wonder how they got fertilized—or did

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