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Actually, if we all remember correctly, the FSC evolved as an
encouragement for better forest
management in the tropical and subtropical countries - remember that
one? I'm currently accessing a paper for my website that addresses the
orignal questions as to why the FSC evolved, and why it expanded into
other realms.

That aside, we must not forget the implications of certifed sustainable
forest mangagement in other
countries. Certification has helped governments, organizations, and
forestry groups to move forward with sustainable forest management
options, using market tools, support, and media not previously
available. They may have used certification, or chosen a different, yet
related type of SFM, such as ISO or the use of Criteria and Indicators,
but received similar results.

We may want to "do away with the FSC" in the states because of the costs
associated with
certification, but does that mean we should also do away with ISO and
Green Tag Forestry (which does require certified foresters) as well? Big
challenge. And does this also mean we will take on the PEFC, all
national certification movements, and all other related verification
schemes in other countries? After all, why only the United States? These
other schemes have costs associated with them, also.

I think that's too big of a job for the FSG, and the other benefits of
the certification movement outweigh the costs (literal) landowners have
the choice of paying or not.

Sounds like the true goal would not be to do away with the entire
certification movement, but to
continue pushing for certified foresters. Encourage Green Tag Forestry,
for example. Er, Joe, maybe you wouldn't do that. The foresters for GT
Forestry must be certified AND members of the SAF!

(Knew you would LOVE that one)

Liz Ellis
lizell at
The Certified Wood Products Website

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Ecoforestry - FSC - Licensing- The Forest Steward's Guild
> Wow, that's a mouthful. <G> How to piece it all together??? In one
> sentence? <G>
> Thus:
>      The FSC, in lieu of REAL forester licensing in most states
>      and nations, and partly because of failed bureaucracies, has
>      evolved to fill the need for society to bring about high
>      quality forest management; but it could be argued that the
>      FSC functions as a second bureaucracy that we practicing
>      foresters now have to deal with at great cost for
>      certification and extra record keeping and with little
>      confidence that the folks doing the reviews for
>      certification are competent for that task - all due to the
>      fact that society doesn't bother to develop REAL licensing
>      of such high quality that foresters would become
>      professionals not in need of routine review; ergo , it could
>      be argued that a primary goal of the Forest Steward's Guild
>      should be to push strongly for such high quality forester
>      licensing programs in order to eventually do away with the
>      need for the FSC and the costs associated with it ALONG with
>      a reduction of those "free" state service foresters who will
>      longer be needed at cost to the taxpayers - and the Guild
>      should become an association of such Licensed Foresters with
>      a long term objective of elevating them to the mission of
>      economically sophisticated Ecoforestry.
> I rest my case. <G> Rebuttals welcome. <G>
> --
> Joe  Zorzin

The Certified Wood Products Website

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