Rain Forest Myths

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Jim wrote:


>      Karl Davies wrote in message
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>      What data???  I didn't see any data in that rant you
>      copied.  When Moore and Stott did their thing earlier this
>      year, they didn't gather any data.  They didn't reference
>      any data by others either.  These guys are CORPORATE
>      PROPAGANDISTS, pure and simple.  They're running
>      interference for corporate clearcutters and high-graders who
>      want to cut more rainforest timber.  Here's what they were
>      trying to counteract (copied from
>      http://www.solcomhouse.com/rainforest.html):
>      Why is it that you expect of others what you don't provide?
>      Researchers are entitled to make general statements via
>      articles, based on their research. It isn't necessary to
>      always include the data itself. Data is available upon
>      request.  Your own observations are deficient in data,
>      appearing purely subjective and un-founded "rantings" as you
>      put it.  You make a charge here that is unfounded
>      speculation out of inner fears.  Find data and be objective.
>      Otherwise, increase your respectability by either agreeing
>      or disagreeing with statements, and offering your own
>      thoughts based on something besides your fears.
OK.  Go to http://www.whrc.org/news/newsnature.htm where you can
download the entire Nature paper entitled "Cryptic Deforestation" by
Nepsted et al.  You'll find all the data you want, and if you think
about it a little, you'll find the reason for the Stott and Moore


>      [KD Note:  This is called HIGH-GRADING, ie, cutting the best
>      and leaving the rest.]
>      Have you seen the statistics on that? Without data I would
>      assume the choices are
>      mostly species and minimum stump diameter.
Exactly.  That's called high-grading.  Or would you call it


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It's not an email address, it's a web site.


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