Bioremediation, forests and fungi

Mike H. mhagen at
Wed Oct 11 15:34:09 EST 2000

A client of mine considered managing for brush, mushroom production AND
old growth timber (canoe logs), several years back.  Culls from a
selection harvest in the community forest were to be stacked and
inoculated with oyster mushroom plugs. It would have been an interesting
experiment since commercial use of the woods was limited by cultural
beliefs and proximity to salmon rearing habitat. They stopped short when
the myco - consultant's fees were felt to be exorbitant. They might
still do something along that line but are in no hurry.

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> > The both of you could do "Rants and 'Rooms".  Eh?
> >
> Uh, maybe. But shouldn't that be "Rants and '_Sh_rooms?" ;)
> But seriously, is there any reason you can think of why a forester should
> make some money off of the mushrooms he grows? Isn't that kind of what
> this NG is all about?
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