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> > Commentary in the Oct. 2000 Soc. of American Forestry Journal
> > "Leading Change"
> > John F. Heissenbuttel, current vice president of the SAF
> And my rebuttal to the Hessian Butt in red of course. <G>
> >
> >
> > During the past century foresters in the United States have
> > demonstrated that, through a commitment to professional forest
> > management,
> Is there such a thing as unprofessional forest mgt.??? Yes, there is
> a lot of that, but you wouldn't know the difference.
Sure there is Joe. It's happening all the time. That's where NPFs (non-
professional foresters) don't get a cut of the cut. <G>

> > we can improve, maintain, restore, and sustain
> > forests. As a profession,
There is considerable question in science whether either foresters (or
would they prefer clearcut artistes?) "improve, maintain, restore or
sustain" anything other than their bank accounts. Since these accounts
are directly related to the amount and quantity of timber harvested,
their slant or "take" is well-demonstrated. Growing trees requires
ectomycorrhizal (EM) fungi. If they are such good forest stewards, let
them demonstrate scientifically how many EM they grow.
> translation, "as an unprofession" wanting desperately to become
> professionals and making the effort by repeating that word over and
> over again hoping enough people will believe it, rather than making
> genuine reforms in this unprofession
Yeah, right! Doesn't a profession require income? And where does that
income come from? Cutting trees! As Herbert paraphrased in Dune, the
ability to destroy a thing is not the same as the ability to create that
same thing.
> > we have a record to be proud of. Our
> > nation is second to none in our commitment and our actions to
> > sustainably manage our forestlands.
> And second to none in paving them over, clearcutting and high
> grading them, thanks to the Society of Unprofessional Foresters and
> their dimwit propaganda that thinks all logging is scientific
> forestry
Gee, is it possible that SAF has forgotten the fiasco of Great Lakes
clearcutting that went on in the 1870-1910 period? This was good
forestry? Remember, that great clearcut was made before "reforestation"
was required by federal law.
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Daniel B. Wheeler

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