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Subject: Wall Street Journal Notes Success of Activists'  Market  Campaigns, Forest Certification

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - October 12, 2000

Wall Street Journal Notes Success of Activists' 
Market Campaigns, Forest Certification

Forest activists' efforts to convince major retailers to phase out old
growth and other wood from endangered forests, and to instead stock wood
from forests certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) system,
made headlines in the September 26 Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  Along with
Home Depot, Wickes, Anderson Windows, and other retailers that sell over 20%
of the wood used for home improvement have vowed to help protect endangered
forests.  According to the WSJ, "industry executives say the movement is
quickly reaching critical mass, and could soon make it a liability for
wood-products producers not to have the FSC imprimatur."

. . . Unlike industry greenwashing scams, the FSC's certification system
uses:  independent forest management standards that include key
environmental goals; third party certifiers; chain of custody monitoring;
and a democratic membership that includes social and environmental
interests.  There is also an effort underway to improve and strengthen FSC's
standards that you can be involved in.  For more information on the FSC or
competing industry efforts, see
http://www.americanlands.org/forestweb/sfi.htm or contact American Lands'
Daniel Hall at 503-978-0511, mailto:wafcfbp at teleport.com

Bush Campaigns for Timber Industry Priorities:  George Bush, while
campaigning in Oregon promised to "review all Clinton-Gore administration
policies that limit logging and other uses of federal lands."  Bush's top
aides such as Oregon Campaign Chairman Sen. Gordon Smith has also blamed
this summer's wildfires on Administration policies, such as the roadless
policy.  The timber industry has given more than $1.3 million in large
donations to the Bush Campaign in Oregon alone.  Most of the money was
raised when Bush met with timber executives in Portland during a May 16
visit (The Oregonian, August 12, 2000).

Cumulative Watershed Report Available:  Citizens for Better Forestry
recently released a report on Cumulative Watershed Effects (CWEs) in
northern California and southern Oregon.  The document is intended to serve
as a resource for activists and others working on watershed issues.  The
report presents biophysical and historical information on CWEs, provides
descriptions of state and federal laws affecting the management of CWEs,
presents information on the scientific basis for evaluating CWEs and a
critique of CWE assessment methodologies currently used by the agencies.
The report is available at: http:// www.cbfinfo.con/cbf.

New Report Outlines Principles for National Forest Management:  The
Ecological Society of America has released a report "Applying Ecological
Principles to Management of the U.S. National Forests," recommending that
ecological principles be incorporated into national forest management
policy.  The report outlined several principles that should followed such as
soil and nutrient cycles; hydrology; biodiversity; landscape level issues;
and global climate change.  The report is available online at:
http://esa.sdsc.edu/ussues.htm.  For more information contact Lori Hidinger
at mailto:esahq at esa.org or call 202-833-8733.

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