Timber Sale in North Carolina National Forest Withdrawn

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Subject: Timber Sale in North Carolina National Forest Withdrawn  

LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - October 16, 2000

Timber Sale in North Carolina National Forest Withdrawn  

On October 6th, following and appeal by the Southern Appalachian Diversity
project, the Forest Service announced the withdrawal of the Riley Cove
Timber Sale in the Nantahala National Forest.  The timber sale was withdrawn
because the Forest Service failed to identify or consider impacts to the
sensitive plant species Large Flowering Blue Ridge Bittercress.  

. . . "Taxpayers not only pay for cutting in National Forests, they have to
constantly watchdog the Forest Service to make sure the agency doesn't log
rare plants and animals," said Andrew George, Executive Director of the
Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project.  For more information contact
Marty Bergoffen, Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project at 828/258-2667,
mailto:andrew at sabp.org or Kevin Caldwell, Appalachian Ecological Consultants
at 828/862-8103.

World Forest Subsidies Study Released:  Greenpeace International and World
Resource International released a recent study documenting government
subsidies to the forest industry in the Group of Eight (G8) Industrial
countries.  The findings of the report point to Canada, Japan and the United
States as the leading providers among the G8 of subsidies that destroy the
world's remaining frontier forests.  The study is available online at

Suit Filed to Protect Southwest Goshawks to Halt Logging on Eleven National
Forests:  The Center for Biological Diversity and the Grand Canyon Chapter
of the Sierra Club filed suit against the Forest service to stop all logging
on the eleven Arizona/New Mexico National Forests until a new goshawk
management plan is devised that will adequately protect mature and old
growth forests.  The suit seeks to strike down the 1996 management plan —
which allows extensive logging within goshawk home ranges — and halt logging
until a scientifically credible plan is devised.  For more information
mailto:ksuckling at biologicaldiversity.org.

Rewilding Plan Unveiled for the Southwest:  The Wildlands Project in
conjunction with four partner groups released a comprehensive "Rewilding"
plan for protecting and restoring the wildlands and native species on 10.5
million acres in southwestern New Mexico, southeastern Arizona and northern
Mexico.  The plan, endorsed by dozens of regional and national conservation
organizations, required over six years of extensive scientific research, on
the ground ecosystem mapping and strategic implementation planning involving
local contributions from scientists, land managers, ranchers, hunters and
outdoor recreationists.  For more information contact Kim Vacariu, The
Wildlands Project, mailto:kim at twp.org; phone: 520-884-0875.

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