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> > > I just discovered an amazing ultra right wing perspective on
> > > forestry on the official Ayn Rand web site. Check it out at
> > > http://www.aynrand.org/medialink/forestry.shtml
> > >
> > > That wasn't just any old essay- it was delivered to the
> > > California Forestry Association. I'm sure the author, Peter
> > > Schwartz, got a standing ovation for his visceral
> > > misrepresentation and obvious hatred of environmentalism-
> > > because such ideas actually represent the "party line" of this
> > > industry.
> >
> > Or because extremists within the environmental movement have
brought it on
> > the group?
> There are very few extremists, but guys like Schwartz who would have
us believe
> that most of the enviro movement consists of extremists. After all,
he must
> believe that there are a lot of them to have had such a terrible
impact on such
> good American business types as the logging industry. And, if they
were really
> extremists- how did those extremists manage to have such impact?

How about by sending a bomb to the offices of the California Forestry

> The impacts
> that loggers don't like- are carried out via laws and elected
> "Extremists" could that? So you define extremists as anyone who has
used the
> political system more effectively than yourself?

No, I define extremists as those who use extreme means to achieve their
ends, or who have extreme beliefs which range far afield from those at
the center.  Someone who believes that a tree cries for her is an
extremist, in my opinion.  Someone who would trespass onto someone's
private property and sit in a tree on that property for over a year is
an extremist in my opinion.  Someone who would raid a congressman's
office in a ski mask is an extremist in my opinion.  And someone who
would send a bomb to a trade association is an extremist in my opinion.

 - Andrew Langer

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