Ayn Rand Institute's Neo Nazi Forestry web page!

Paul Bramscher brams006 at tc.umn.edu
Tue Oct 24 13:45:38 EST 2000

Well, the basic problem with the environment to libertarians is that (a)
by definition the environment transcends the individual (both in terms
of space and time).  In fact, it transcends nations and generations. (b)
And through many historical examples private industry has been an
ecosystem's worst nightmare.

Letting the market control the forests is like letting a cat be in
charge of the mice, eh?  Eat 'em all up, then move on to some other
tasty morsel that'll feed the stomache.  Birds or squirrels maybe.  I
wouldn't waste any energy debating this issue with a nut like him.  In
northern Minnesota we have huge lake-filled craters where the big iron
companies out east came, mined out the iron, sent their money back east,
and then shut down the companies when it was slim pickings.

Sure, maybe Bob's Paper Products is eco-friendly.  But, by and large,
the big companies would clear-cut, blow away Old Growth, etc. as they
always have.  It takes more than the market to save the environment.  In
fact, it needs to be saved FROM the market, at its root being demand and

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> I just discovered an amazing ultra right wing perspective on
> forestry on the official Ayn Rand web site. Check it out at
> http://www.aynrand.org/medialink/forestry.shtml
> That wasn't just any old essay- it was delivered to the
> California Forestry Association. I'm sure the author, Peter
> Schwartz, got a standing ovation for his visceral
> misrepresentation and obvious hatred of environmentalism-
> because such ideas actually represent the "party line" of this
> industry.
> The really absurd thing about this is that he hasn't a clue
> about forestry. What he does know, like any politician is what
> the audience wants to hear- and this is clearly the kind of
> ignorant stuff the logging industry of America loves to hear!
> I'm now convinced that what currently in America passes for the
> "forestry profession" is utterly unreformable. An entirely new
> profession of eco-forestry should arise. It should not attempt
> to reform the current brain dead forestry "profession" but go
> past it and ignore it until its brain rot kills it off. <G>
> Perhaps Peter will show up in alt.forestry and defend himself. I
> have cc'd this message to the Any Rand Institute and I hereby
> challenge Peter to debate his ideas in the newsgroups. I dare
> him. If Peter replies to me privately, I'll just put his message
> back into the newsgroups.
> --
> Joe  Zorzin
> http://forestmeister.com

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